Monday, June 13, 2005

RPM Commands

List of basic linux rpm commands:

  • Install an rpm:
      rpm -ivh <rpm package>
  • Remove an rpm:
      rpm -e <rpm package>
  • Upgrade an rpm:
      rpm -Uvh <rpm package>
    Note: This command is also for installing a new rpm, the different between -ivh to -Uvh is that ivh will not
    install the rpm if a previous version of that rpm is already installed.
  • List all rpms installed on the server:
      rpm -qa
  • List files of installed rpm:
      rpm -ql <rpm package>
  • List files in an rpm file:
      rpm -qpl <package name>
  • Get the rpm that owns a file:
      rpm -qf <full path file>


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