Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Oracle 10g Release 2 new features

Well, Oracle 10g second release is on his way (in about 2 more months or so, as i know), and there are some new  features and tools worth checking:

  • First of all, looks like oracle streams will do a very good job, and will be a good rival to other tools we had to acquire to have a good replication solution.
  • Oracle ASM (Automatic Storage Management), well, I wouldn't use it in a regular one instance database, but it could be a replacement for the not so perfect OCFS in RAC.
  • Transportable tablespaces are online now. No need to enter the tablespace to read only mode before exporting.
  • ADDM – Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor, helps tune your database.
  • Well, as much as I hate GUI tools, especially Oracle java GUI tools, I think the Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) with the grid control is now worth checking. OEM now use SGA-attach mechanism for monitoring oracle (Just like Quest and Veritas).
  • Need to build small apps? back-end apps? need to do it quick? well, oracle now have HTML DB, looks good, and easy to use.
  • Like PhpMyAdmin, oracle got the Project Columbus for schema/object web browsing/altering/creating
  • Oracle Backup, a new tool that will give rman the ability to backup to tapes without the need for a third party products. Supprts rman 8i, 9i and 10g.

Well, much work to do, lot of things to learn, and no time!!!



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