Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why corporates need to rule everything?

Why large corporate need to control everything and have everything? Why Oracle can't create the best DB they can and just do that? Why they need to go to places that they don't know how to handle... Did anyone had a first successful install of one of oracle Non-DB products? Actually, did anyone had a smooth experience with the oracle java based DBCA tool?

Well, I think that Oracle should develop Databases only and outsource the tool development to Microsoft, and same thing with Microsoft, they should drop this stupid so called SQL Server “database” :)...

This is a call to all large IT corporate:
Stop buying stuff!!! You don't know how to integrate tools! You just make a lot of Mishmash (Mess!!!)... Please start working together and not buying any more.. We can't handle it, we don't have the time to learn all of it, we don't need the choice of selection between 15 different products that do the same and we don't have time to POC each of them…

Oracle (Databases), Microsoft (GUI), CA (Can’t remember what you expertise is anymore), IBM (MF), HP (Servers), Sun (Solaris, Java & Servers), Symantec (Defrag utilities, all your other products suck! Let Veritas products go free to the open source world & release sygate back to the world).

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